Pleasured to meet you

I’m constantly working in creating new ideas for immersive and meaningful experiences, be them analogical or digital. I would love to talk a bit more about topics like gamification, innovation, entrepreneurship and many others, so feel free to reach me out via one of the mediums below and download my CV to learn even more about my projects.

I make games work for business results

I'm currently leading the gamification capability inside IBM Brazil, using game design theory and concepts to help building immersive experiences – always having in mind KPIs that actually attend business results. Our projects are developed using agile methodologies, with the support of many other in-house capabilities, like content writting, UX, visual design and application development.

I create innovative tabletop games

I'm one of the two co-founders and game designers of Potato Cat Games, a Brazilian tabletop development group who has successfully crowdfunded 4 games and released 6 other micro-games. All of them are completely developed and produced in Brazil, as an attempt to stimulate the national market and incentivize indie developers to do the same.

I help people to create games and experiences

I'm often giving classes, workshops and talks regarding gamification and game design, in many different formats and timeboxes. Using interactivity, I believe the best way of helping people understanding topics is by harmonically switching between theory and practice, using games and gamification themselves as part of the experiences.

Don't trust me, ask them!

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    Mia Vanstraelen

    Director of HR in IBM Brussels

    Kevin, it was such a pleasure to find you and the team in Marketing Brazil to develop and execute our project. I truly enjoyed your partnership, your knowledge in gaming and your drive to achieve, particularly in difficult parts of the project

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    Estevão Campos

    Global Innovation Leader in IBM's iDEA Lab

    There are few individuals capable of reinventing the way we think about business and, ever since you've raised the question "What about gamification?" to our executives, you've been proving, more and more, to everyone in IBM and our team how right you were.